Do you know about the wonderful benefits and uses of rose water?

rose water rose and rock salt for spa
benefits of rose water


Rosewater is one of the most commonly found products in almost every woman’s beauty kit. Needless to say why…because there are enormous benefits of rose water for your skin. It is one such product that can be safely used by anyone, provided you know how to use it correctly.

Rosewater helps control excess oil and also maintains the pH balance of the skin as rose water has a mid pH level of 5.5. It can hydrate your skin and make it appear radiant.

Rosewater is Anti-inflammatory and is great when used for skin conditions skin irritation and itching.

Rosewater helps reduce the dark circles and puffiness in the eyes. Just dip the cotton balls in diluted rose water and put them on your eyes for ten minutes. Doing this regularly will help you see the difference.

Flavoring Agent

In India rose water is used as a flavor in many foods and drink recipes. One of the most liked beverage with the rose water flavor is the Sweet Lassi with rose flavor. It is made of yogurt and sweetened with sugar and just a few drops of rose water gives it a heavenly essence.

In Singapore and Malaysia, the sweetened red-colored rose syrup is used for making a cool beverage by adding it to milk making it pink and served with ice. This sweet and refreshing drink is called Bandung. So want to stay cool on a summery day in Singapore?… try a glass of Bandung.

In the Middle Eastern Countries, Rosewater is profoundly used in many dishes. Rosewater is used in sweet dishes and many desserts in the Middle East, some of the famous sweet dishes which has rose water are baklava, gumdrops, nougat and Rahat Lakum which originates from Turkey.

Guest Welcoming

Indians also commonly follow the tradition and sprinkle rose water to welcome the guests at various ceremonies because of its refreshing properties.

Religious Purpose

Rosewater is essentially used for many religious purposes and ceremonies. It is greatly used to perform many rituals in Hinduism, it also used heavily in Islam and also in Christianity and Zoroastrianism.


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